Top Tips To Improve Your Live Phone Chat Technique

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Live phone chat lines are a great way of getting in touch with people and making new social contacts.  However, live phone chat can make even the most confident person nervous, particularly as you don't have the eye contact or body language clues to act on that can often guide a face-to-face conversation.  It is perfectly possible to hold a great phone conversation with someone you've never met; you just need a few hints and tips to help you develop the right technique.  Read on to find out more.

Open and closed questions

It's important that you avoid asking your phone date 'closed' questions.   Closed questions are those where a one word answer is all that's required. 

For example, 'Do you like music?'  'Yes.'  This is a closed question.  Here you can see that the question is total conversation-stopper, and you could end up sitting in an uncomfortable silence.

Instead, try changing the question to an 'open' one, for example, 'What kind of music do you like?'  'I like punk and early New Wave.' 

The open question encourages a more detailed response, enabling you to then put more questions in order to expand the conversation.  In this case, you could go on to ask what particular bands the person prefers and whether they've seen any of them in concert.

Effective listening

It can be difficult to simply listen.  Many people feel it necessary to fill every pause in the conversation, or just nervously chatter on about themselves without pausing for breath!  This can be a total turn-off for the other party, so be sure to show an interest in what your phone date has to say, allow them the opportunity to speak, and listen to them.

Going overboard

When you're on the phone, you obviously don't have the benefit of body language or eye contact, and consequently some nuances of humour can become lost over the phone line.  Be very careful not to 'big yourself up' too much so that you come across as arrogant and opinionated.  Tell your phone date your stories and make them entertaining, but don't go overboard with telling them just how great you are!

Make a few notes

Although it can sound a little clinical and staged, it's a good idea to make a few notes of potential conversation fillers, just in case the chat doesn't flow to begin with.  These notes could take the form of amusing anecdotes about you, or might just be a list of topics you could ask your date about.

In conclusion

Live phone chat can be a really good way of meeting people, either on a dating footing, for casual flirting, or simply in order to expand your social circle.  Use the tips given above to help your conversations flow smoothly and ensure that you're never lost for words.


5 January 2016

Finding a new wife

My wife left me last year because she thought that we had grown apart. I have been getting online and chatting to other singles in my area. It's really great to be able to meet people so easily from home and I think that it's going to surprise my ex when she sees the women that I am starting to date. I don't want to have to date for too long though because what I really want is to find a new wife and start a new family. I'm really just a guy in search of a wife, and I'm learning even more about the importance of forming strong relationships with friends and people I'm interested in dating.